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On this website, you will find a collection of ‘East-Indian recipes’ as well as other Indian and non-Indian recipes that our catholic families make in India. In these modern times, it is not uncommon for us to teach our kids brownies, pizzas, macarons, or artisan bread in our home. I hope that you will use all my recipes weather, East-Indian, Goan, Anglo-Indian, or non-Indian

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A thali with vegetarian dishes.

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Biryani recipe with mutton on a plate.

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Two tall glasses with falooda.

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Mixed vegetable for thali.
Thali Recipe – North Indian, Vegetarian

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Behind the Adventures

Hi, I’m Veena

Hi, I am Veena, originally from Mumbai, India, now living in Israel.

I started this blog to journal my favorite Indian recipes. Born East Indian I of course, share plenty of ‘East-Indian’ culture, Goan, and Anglo-Indian recipes. But I also share other popular Indian treats that are mostly inspired by my overseas friends as they ask me for my versions of these recipes.

Living abroad, I love creating fusion versions of our popular Indian recipes. So, if you are wondering how to make a classic Indian dish with substitutes overseas, there is a possibility you will find it here. I also love to make healthier versions of our Indian food, such as air fryer pani puri instead of deep-fried pani puri. Sounds funs?

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Stack of chocolate brownie squares.

Delicious homemade brownies

Rich, moist, and decadent these chocolate brownies are going to be your next favorite treat. So delicious you are going to make them over and over.

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This group is for sharing East Indian recipes. If you tried a recipe share some pictures with the group. If you are looking for a recipe, ask the group, and I’m sure they will help. Share stories about our East Indian culture and find more friends who share similar backgrounds.

Feel free to share what you have created as well as the recipes along with it. Please only share recipes that are related to East Indian Cooking – other recipes will not be approved